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NX Advanced Drafting

The Advanced Drafting course is designed to help you become proficient with advanced techniques in creating drawings. This includes creating custom symbols, inserting tabular notes, title blocks and parts list, and learning tools useful for assembly drawings. You also learn how to apply a drafting standard to the customer defaults and use Drafting Preferences.

NX Realize Shape

Realize Shape Modeling course is intended to teach you how to create subdivision B-surface modeling bodies with in it's own feature toolbar environment. The units in this course cover the following topics: symmetric modeling; creating primitive shapes; extruding and transforming cages; subdividing, splitting, bridging, deleting and merging faces on surface model shapes; set weight and continuity; surface fill; construction tool features and realize shape preferences. There is also a project unit that covers best practices when creating surface models.

NX Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)

This course covers topics in the Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI) application that allow you to use tools similar to those in the Drafting application to define design information for manufacturing in a 3D environment. This includes Dimensions, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T), Annotations, Symbols and Specifications. Bridge the gap between design and manufacturing by making the Product & Manufacturing Information application work for you.

NX Electrical Routing and Harness

The NX Electrical Routing course is designed to teach you the basics of Electrical Routing as it applies to the design of wiring harnesses and connectors. You will cover basic electrical routing terminology, electrical design process, parts, paths, terminals, and stock. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be ready to start designing your own wiring harnesses and connectors.

NX Mechanical Routing

Tired of getting the run around creating pipes, hoses, and steelwork through your models using basic modeling and assembly concepts? Let us lead you down the right path. We provided you with the knowledge to use the Mechanical Routing application and its functionality to create routing paths the easy way.

NX Basic Manufacturing

The NX Basic Manufacturing training course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) using NX`s Manufacturing application. After becoming familiar with the interface and reviewing basic CAM concepts, you will learn about using tool path visualization and group creation for operations. You`ll become familiar with Planar Milling, Drilling and Cavity Milling processes. Finally, you will acquire knowledge and skills for post-processing, customizing dialogs, and using templates. Upon completion of this course, you`ll be ready to begin using the NX Manufacturing application.

NX CAM - Hole Making

Siemens is taking a direction away from the old drilling routines and moving to an application called hole making. This is the forerunner of feature-based machining and uses the intelligence of the model to help the programmer program drilling operations.

NX Gateway - Resource and Property Optimization

This course provides you with some more advanced Gateway operations that help you become more proficient with using NX. This includes creating palettes on the Resource Bar, templates for creating parts, managing properties, defining layouts, recording journals or macros for repeatable operations and defining preferences for optimization.

NX Advanced Sketching

From initial concept to final revision, increase your design proficiency by making the most of the advanced design capabilities of NX Sketcher features. Use expression-based smart curves to add more control and flexibility to your solid models. Use parametric curve creation to give you the most control of your sections. Learn how to think ahead when modeling and consider downstream users to speed up future revisions changes. Challenging exercises and projects allow you to explore sketch creation and constraint as you gain experience.

NX Advanced Modeling

The NX Advanced Modeling course is the next step for users who have completed the Basic Modeling course. This course covers modeling topics such as advanced curves, conics, general pad and pocket. You will learn how to copy and paste features, create user-defined features, create part families and translate data to or from other CAD systems. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools you need to strengthen your design capabilities.

NX Kinematic Motion Simulation

Jump onto to the fast track and get the most from this CAE tool designed to develop and evaluate mechanical systems. Need a dynamic and kinematic analysis of your complex assemblies? Get moving in Motion. In just three days you`ll find yourself fluent in Motion`s language, its symbols (Translational Spring, Fixed Translational Spring, Torsional Spring, Translational Damper, Fixed Translational Damper, Rotational Damper, Force, Torque, Vector Force, Vector Torque, 2D Contact) and terminology (Links, Markers, Joints, Couplers, Constraints, Force Objects, Driver Joints, Step Size, Degree of Freedom). Don`t waste time trying to figure out what we can show you in minutes. Gain the insight necessary to navigate between the motion methods: articulation, animation and spreadsheet. Understand how to develop and control a mechanism model using commands from Link and Joint, Model Preparation, Force Object, Motion Objects, New Solution, Motion Preferences, Solver, Motion Joint Wizard, List Motion Connections, Link Objects, Mass Properties, Inertia, Initial Translation Velocity, Initial Rotation Velocity, and XY Function Manager. Stuck in a jam? Learn how to edit motion objects, fix the link, free the link, delete / rename motion objects and utilize the title export. Comprehend the various functions that aid in motion analysis (Animation, graphing, populate spreadsheet, load transfer, Statics Dynamics Environment). This course provides the information and interactive learning simulations to enable you to master mechanism creation in scenarios and effectively simulate motion.

NX CAM - Advanced Manufacturing

The NX 11 Advanced Manufacturing course focuses of practical advanced manufacturing topics. The Manufacturing Assemblies unit covers some of the advantages of using assemblies. The Z-Level unit covers the creation of surface regions and creation of Z-Level operations. The Surface countering unit covers fixed and variable contouring with a section on defining tool axis. This unit covers the various drive methods in detail. Template creation and application are covered in the template unit. Finally the Sequential Mill unit covers all the aspects of using Sequential Milling to create 5-Axis contouring operations. Completion of this course will help you add depth and versatility to your CAM process.