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The Autodesk Alias training course is designed for users who want to learn the tools and concepts of the software. Users will learn how to navigate the user interface and use basic object selection methods, build and control simple primitives, use construction options to create designs, create and use curves and circles in designs, and learn about surface editing tools and techniques. The course has comprehensive lessons and provides users many projects to apply what they have learned. Detail course content is given below:

Getting Started with Alias

  • Getting Started with AliasStudio Introduction
  • What is Design?, About CAID/CAD Design
  • AliasStudio Design Principles
  • Interface Layout, Navigating in Alias
  • Navigating using the View Cube
  • Working With Layout Windows, Directory Structure
  • Explore the Autodesk AliasStudio Interface Project
  • Basic Object Selection and Viewing
  • Adjusting the Point of Interest, Using Look At
  • Diagnostic Shading, Realistic Shading
  • Working with Layers
  • Selecting and Viewing Objects Project

Building and Controlling Simple Geometry

  • Building with Primitives, Working in 2D and 3D
  • Using Grid Snap, Using Canvas Planes
  • Transforming Primitives, Mouse Constraints
  • Setting Pivot Points
  • Building With Primitives - Base Phase Project, Arm Phase Project, Lamp Shade Phase Project
  • Controlling Geometry, Mirroring Objects, Grouping Objects
  • Duplicating Objects, Duplicate Objects Project
  • Object Lister, Control Geometry Project
  • CV Sculpting Introduction
  • About Sculpting
  • CV Sculpting Project

Working Accurately

  • Construction Options Introduction
  • Dimensions
  • Construction Options
  • Accuracy: Geometrical Relationships
  • Snap to Existing Geometry
  • 2D Geometric Relationships
  • 3D Geometric Relationships


  • Curves Introduction, Why Use Curves
  • Create Edit Point Curves, Create Symmetrical Curves
  • Sketch Circles and Accurate Circles, Transform Sketch Circles
  • Flatten 3D Curves, Keypoint Curves and Locators
  • Keypoint Lines, Keypoint Circles and Locators
  • Curve Tools, Creating Curve Fillets
  • Creating Curve Sections, Using Center Line Symmetry
  • Create a Door Knob, Using Layer Symmetry
  • Fillet, Trim, and Offset Curves


  • Surfaces Introduction & Overview
  • Difference Between Surfaces and Solids
  • Using Query Edit, Revolve Goblet, Planar Surfaces
  • Revolved Surfaces, Create Symmetrical Skin Surfaces
  • Revolve Profiles, Create and Edit Skin Surfaces
  • Extruded Surfaces, Extrude and Edit a Curve, Extrude Multiple Curves
  • Advanced Surface Tools, Monorail Surfaces, BiRail Surfaces
  • Surfaces from Boundaries, Create a Carving Fork

Surface Editing

  • Trimming, Creating Curves on Surfaces
  • Trimming Surfaces, Intersecting Geometry
  • Intersect Surfaces
  • Global Surface Intersect
  • Other Tools that Trim
  • Filleting Surfaces
  • Adding Variable Radius Fillets

Presenting Your Design

  • Rendering in AliasStudio, Tesellation
  • Hardware Rendering, Hardware Shade Quality Options
  • Hardware Shading Review, Hardware Shade Light Settings
  • Hardware Shade Environment Effects
  • Shaders, Environments, Creating Image Files