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Teamcenter - NX CAD Integration

This course is designed for new users. This course offers the skills necessary to be part of the product data management (PDM) process. This course provides an understanding of how to navigate around the workspace. File structure in NX within the context of Teamcenter will be developed. Additional Teamcenter Integration options are also discussed. Key topics include: Teamcenter Integration, search, where used, bookmarks, import export, templates, UGMASTER, UGPart, UGALTREP and assemblies.

Teamcenter - Change Manager

This course provides an understanding of how to navigate around the new Change Manager application. It includes creating each of the 4 pre-defined changes objects - Problem Report, Enterprise Change Request, Deviation Request and Enterprise Change Notice. For each of these changes, there are training workflows which elaborate and interact with the typical change participants. Supersedure, Effectivity and managing Change Searches are also covered. Note: The Teamcenter Workflows referenced are available in the part file download bundle.

Teamcenter - Rich Client for Users

You will be exposed to the Teamcenter interface; taught to create and revise items; and learn how the item structure is developed. Key topics include: Teamcenter Integration, Rich Client, My Navigator, Newstuff, Items, Item Structure, Item Revision, Datasets, Check-In and Check-Out, where referenced, where used, copy, cut, paste, Impact Analysis, roles, access control list, user groups, workflow, handlers, Structure Manager, and revision rules.

Teamcenter - Visualization Professional

The Teamcenter Visualization Professional course offers training for users of the Visualization Professional license and configuration. In this course, users will be guided through a Teamcenter overview which includes working with the user interface and supporting files enabling students to view and interact with single components or large assemblies, to create assembly hierarchies, modify part appearance, create and apply snapshots, section 3D models, capture 2D images of 3D models, mark up, measure, compare 3D models and play motion files, etc.

Teamcenter - Structure Manager

This course includes creating and configuring BOM Structures, searching for referenced data within structures, creation and use of roll-up reports and releasing BOM structures. Creation and manipulation of Variants and Options are also covered in detail. This course covers the client side features and workflows for the Teamcenter Structure Manager module within Teamcenter. This course is intended to be used in conjunction with the rich client course.

Teamcenter - Visualization Mockup

In this course, users will be guided through a Teamcenter overview which includes working with the user interface and supporting files. Next users will be taught how to navigate through parts in Teamcenter Visualization Mockup and control visibility. Then users will learn about many of the toolbars including Clearance Analysis, Measurements, Markups, Visibility, Sections, Comparision, Exploded Views, moving parts, motion file, snapshots and movies, etc.

Teamcenter - System Administration

This course describes the basic functions of Teamcenter Engineering and then focuses on the foundation, preferences and company standards that can be customized to your company’s specifications. A brief overview of PDM aids in demonstrating how your company can benefit from utilizing the features and functions within Teamcenter. Understand the data management process utilized to perform job tasks using this system, and then define the roles and responsibilities for your company’s personnel for this process. Organize the data in your design release cycle and establish permissions, access, workflows and release processes. Other topics included are; Site Environment, Support data, Access Manager, Utilities and Data Migration.