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Autodesk Showcase 3D visualization software offers product designers, engineers, and marketing professionals the ability to transform digital prototypes into highly realistic imagery and immersive, interactive presentations.

In this training, you will learn the fundamentals of using Showcase effectively, starting from an introduction of Showcases environment, through all steps required to transform CAD geometry into real-time marketing assets. Course topics include reading data, environments, ambient shadows, materials, alternatives, shots, images and movies, lights, behaviors, ray tracing and creating custom environments. Detail course content is given below:

Getting Started with Showcase

  • Introduction to Showcase
  • Navigating in Showcase
  • Navigating Building Spaces
  • Navigating using the View Cube
  • Navigating using a Space Mouse
  • Geometry Selection, Visual Styles

Reading Data in Showcase

  • Importing and Adjusting Imported Geometry
  • Create and Save a scene file
  • Importing Models, Adjusting Tessellation Settings
  • Viewing and Flipping Normals
  • Transforming Geometry, Utilizing the Organizer
  • Object Visibility

Using Showcase Environments

  • Establishing and Using Environments
  • Adding and working with Environments
  • Setting the Default Environment
  • Controlling Scene Settings
  • Include and Activate Environments
  • Controlling Lights and Shadows
  • Adjust the Environment Light and Shadows
  • Apply and Edit Ambient Shadows

Using Materials in Showcase

  • About Materials, Applying and Adjusting Materials
  • Replace Imported Materials
  • Assigning Materials, Modifying Materials
  • Replace and Assign Materials
  • Working with Decals
  • Create Custom Material Libraries
  • Add Materials to the Scene
  • Creating Alternative Lineups

Shots, Images and Movies in Showcase

  • About Shots, Animating the Viewing of the Design
  • Create and View Shots
  • Output Images and Movies that Use Ray Tracing
  • Add and Adjust Point and Spot Lights

Behaviors and Ray Tracing

  • About a Behavior, Adding a Turntable Behavior
  • Viewing a Turntable Behavior
  • About Ray Tracing, Enabling and Controlling Ray Tracing
  • Settings that Affect a Ray Trace Scene
  • Creating a Custom Environment