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SolidWorks Customization   AutoCAD Customization

Training > AutoCAD.Net, AutoCAD customizaition using VB.Net/C#.Net


       Create AutoCAD managed application

       Connect to the AutoCAD Managed API

       .NET AutoCAD Wizard and Simple User Input

       The AutoCAD Managed Application Wizard

       Prompt for User Input

       Prompt to for a geometric distance

       Add a command to create the Custom object

       Handling Exceptions

       Transactions, Exception Handling and Dispose

       Finish up the Custom object



       Create a Layer for the Custom object

       Add color to the Custom object

       Create an explicit Custom object Block

       Create a Block Reference for the new Custom object block

       Create a custom structure in the Named Objects Dictionary

       Add an Xrecord to our new structure hold custom data

       Add an XRecord for each Custom Block Reference Instance

       Iterate Model Space to Count each Custom Object

       User Interaction: Prompts and Selection

       Define the CREATE command to create the Custom object

       More User Interface: Adding Custom Data

       Custom object Context Menu

       Modeless, Dockable Palette Window with Drag and Drop



       Drag and Drop Support in the Modeless Form

       Entity Picking from a Modal Form

       Handling Events in AutoCAD

       Events in VB.NET

       Delegates Described

       AddHandler and RemoveHandler statements

       Handling AutoCAD Events in .NET

       Using event handlers to control AutoCAD behavior

       Setup the new project

       Create the first Document event handler

       Create the Database event handler

       Create the commands to register/disconnect the event handlers

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