Online Training > Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3ds Max)

This online training course is designed to teach the essentials of using Autodesk 3ds Max. Each unit topic will provide you with comprehensive lessons, detailed procedures and lots of projects to apply your knowledge. Some of the topics covered in this course are: navigating the user interface; fundamental concepts; principles of object creation; 3D scene lighting concepts; rendering setup techniques; basics of Animation. Detail course content is given below:

Getting Started with 3D Studio Max

  • User Interface Components and View Points, Menu Bar and Toolbars
  • Graphite Modeling Tools, Command and Create Panel
  • Panels and Quad menu, Time Slider, Track Bar, Timeline and Status and Prompt Lines
  • Animation Controls, Viewport Controls
  • Dialog Boxes, Keyboard Shortcuts and Help
  • Working with the User Interface
  • Perspective View Manipulation
  • Creating and Modifying Basic Objects
  • Basic Geometry Creation and Modification, Object Properties
  • Creating and Manipulating a Simple 3D Object
  • Scene File Manipulation, Starting a Scene File
  • Tools and Organize Object Scene
  • Hiding or Freezing Objects in a Scene
  • Selection Sets, Groups, Project Folders
  • Creating a New Project Folder
  • Basic Transforms, Coordinate Systems, Snaps
  • Transform with the Pick Coordinate System
  • Aligning Objects, Object and Scene Organization

3D Studio Max - Modeling

  • Geometrical Object Types, 3D Geometry Objects
  • Attaching and Detaching Objects, Geometrical Object Types
  • 3D Parametric Objects, Standard and Extended Primitives and AEC Objects
  • Adjusting a Foliage Object, Using the Modifier Stack
  • Modifier Oder and Edit Poly and Mesh Modifier
  • Working at Sub-Object Levels, Essential Modifiers
  • Basic Manipulations of the Modifier Stack
  • Modeling with Modifiers, Object Cloning, Low Poly Modeling
  • Objects and Sub-Objects and Smoothing Groups and using Subdivision
  • Basics of Low Poly Modeling, Adding Detail to the Engine and Optimizing the Mesh
  • Repairing the Broken Part, Using Smoothing Groups
  • Smoothing a Low Poly Model, Creating Shapes
  • Basic Spline Manipulation, Extracting Shapes from 3D Objects and Shape Steps
  • Spline, Segment and Vertex Editing, Creating Objects from Splines
  • Using the Lathe Modifier, Creating a medallion with Devel
  • Using the Sweep Modifier to Create a Wainscoting
  • ProBoolean Operations, Scatter Tool and ShapeMerge

3D Studio Max - Lighting

  • Light Types, Photometric Lights, Light Attributes
  • Viewport Shading, Creating a Target Spot
  • Simple Lighting Setup, Working with Three-Point Lighting
  • Using Lighting Tools, Indirect Illumination and Exposure Control
  • Simulating Sunlight, Lighting Effects
  • Projecting an Image in a Light and Volume Light Efftects
  • Lighting Effects

3D Studio Max - Materials

  • Working with the Material Editor
  • Assigning Material and Material Explorer
  • The material Indicators, Applying a Material to an Object
  • Material Types, Using Predefined Materials
  • Map Types, Displaying Maps in Viewpoints and Mixing Maps
  • Creating a Multi-Map Procedural Texture, Mapping Coordinates
  • MapScaler and Real World Mapping, Applying UVW Mapping
  • Box Mapping, Spherical Mapping, Arch and Design Materials
  • Main material Parameters & BRDF, Self-Illuminating Glow, Special Effects and Purpose Maps

3D Studio Max - Rendering

  • Cameras, Perspective and Camera Animation in Design
  • Creating and Manipulating Cameras, Backgrounds
  • Attached Objects and Backgrounds in physical sky
  • Rendering Backgrounds, Rendered Frame Window
  • Rendering Output Choices, Output Size
  • Batch Rendering, Using the RAM Player

3D Studio Max - Animation

  • Animation Overview, Basic Animation Principles
  • Keyframe Animation, Track View-Curve Editor
  • Alternative Animation Methods
  • Driving Around: Using Path Constraints
  • Creating Hierarchies
  • Interactive use of Schematic View