CAD customization / Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)

CAD software is used to make-work easier, accurate & faster. These standard CAD software are developed considering the requirements of general maximum users & are not specific to single user. To overcome this hurdle and maximize the use of software, these can be customized to suit individual user needs.

CAD Customization
AutoCAD Customization
SolidWorks Customization

Projects Executed

AutoCAD Customization
SolidWorks Customization

Engineering software development

Every company runs on a solid & strong base of engineering to achieve success in today's competition. This important role of engineering department makes it compulsory to equip it with latest technology so that engineering people spends more time on creative thinking & innovations. We can act as an extended hand to them, to make processes simpler & automatic.

Design & drafting automation

Time & efforts wasted on repeated type of work can be saved through drafting automation. Automation will also give 100% accuracy. The direct link between design & drafting can be established to produce the drawing directly from design inputs.

Industrial application software development

We develop software for all types of Industries, mainly for workflow automation of all departments. Broadly it consists of the following:

§ Data Analysis (e.g. quality control data analysis, rejection analysis, scientific data analysis, production data analysis, etc.,)
§ Equipment database and history for maintenance & production departments.
§ Machine utilization/non utilization report generation.
§ Report & documents generation in desired formats.
§ Software for enterprise resource planning (ERP)
§ Software for inventory & QA system

Software integration

Integrated software is a group of software that can share information. The integrated software is designed to include different application programs in one package. The programs are able to work as independent programs as well as share information.

Broadly it consists of software for:

§ Automated quotation generation from CAD software
§ Automatic engineering inputs to ERP systems