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AutoCAD Mechanical Course Overview

This course demonstrates the main features of AutoCAD Mechanical. Understand how to use the core design tools (Power Snap, Rectangles, Hatch, Fillet, Chamfers, Centerlines, Construction, and Lines) to create and modify geometry in your drawings. Discover how to place and edit dimensions using annotation tools (Power Dimensions, Automatic Dimensions, Mechanical Symbols, Editing Dimensions, and Hole Charts). Comprehend how to access and use the time saving power tools (Power Edit, Power Erase, Power View, Power Recall, and Power Copy). Work with the BOM database to view / add parts list, part references and balloons to your drawings. Access and insert standard mechanical content into your designs (Standard Fasteners, Standard Features, Screw Connections, Component Generators, Calculators, and Springs). Delve into how to use the IGES translator using a simple example. Other tools (Mechanical Structure Concept, Layer Groups, Part Reference, and Associative Hide) are introduced for working WITHOUT Mechanical structure. Users with previous AutoCAD experience will understand the benefits and appreciate the time saving utilities of AutoCAD Mechanical.

AutoCAD Mechanical Getting Started

What is AutoCAD Mechanical, Native DWG, Interacting with the User Interface, Exploring the Ribbon, Common Drawing Setup Introduction, About Drawing Templates, About Standards - Based Design, Creating a New Drawing Based on a Template, Creating a New Drawing Based on a Template Procedure, Creating a New Template, Creating a New Template Procedure, Changing the Location of Templates, Changing the Location of Templates Procedure, Create and Use Template Drawings Project

AutoCAD Mechanical Tools for Creating Geometry

About the Design Productivity Tools, Core Design Tools, Adding Predefined Hatch Geometry, Placing User-Defined Hatch, Adding Fillets, Adding Chamfers, Creating Contours, Creating Outside Contours, Creating Inside Contours, Creating Contour Traces, Tracing a Contour, Create Geometry Using the Core Design Tools Project, Power Snaps Introduction, Configuring Power Snaps, Configure and Activate Power Snaps, Centerlines Introduction, About Mechanical Centerlines, Creating Centerlines, Creating a Centerline, Centerline Cross, Inserting a Centerline Cross, Centerline Cross with Hole, Centerline Cross with Angles, Centerline Cross on Full Circle, Inserting a Centerline Cross on Plate, Inserting a Centerline Cross in a Corner, Inserting a Centerline Cross in Holes, Centerlines Between Two Lines, Centerline Settings, Construction Lines Introduction, Drawing Construction Lines, Placing Construction Lines Automatically, Inserting and Using Projection Crosshairs, Creating Section Lines, Creating Zigzag Lines, Inserting Standard Holes, Inserting Threaded Features, Inserting Slot Features

Working with Object Property and Layer Management

Property Management Introduction, About Automatic Management of Layers and Properties, Managing Layers Using the Mechanical Layer Manager, How to Configure Object Property Settings in a Standard, Automatic Property Management, Layer Control Introduction, Changing the Current Layer, Setting a Layer Current from the Layers Panel, Setting a Layer Current in the Mechanical Layer Manager Dialog Box, Layer Functions, Layer Display, Control Layer Display and Geometry on Layers Project.

Organizing Drawing Geometry

Drawing Creation Workflows and Organization Introduction, About the Organization Methods, Structuring Data in Drawings Introduction, How to Create a Structured Design, Creating Components and Component Views, Creating Folders Within a Component View, Restructuring Components, Settings that Control Structure Creation, Create a Drawing Using Structure Project, Create a Drawing By Restructure Existing Components Project, Reusing and Editing Structured Data Introduction, About Structure Definitions, Instances, and Occurences, Reusing Structured Data from the Browser, Strategy for Instancing Component Views, Reusing Structured Data From the Structure Catalog, Edit a Structure Definition, Changing the Display of Instances, Reuse and Edit Structured Data Project, Reuse Data Using the Structure Catalog Project, View the Data and Edit a Definition Project.

AutoCAD Mechanical Advanced Topics

Tools for Manipulating Geometry, Creating Drawing Sheets, Dimensioning and Annotating Your Drawing, Bill of Materials, Parts Lists, and Balloons