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SolidWorks can be customized or programmed using SolidWorks VBA (Visual Basic for Applicaitions). VBA is a subset of Visual Basic programming language. You can add your own commands to SolidWorks, which will perform the activities required by you. You can automate the Solidworks work flow using SolidWorks VBA.

What can be done using SolidWorks VBA?

You can automate each and everything that you do manually in SolidWorks.
- Automatic part model, assembly & drawing generation based on user input.
- Quotation generation based on selected model.
- Spare parts drawing generation automation.
- Integration of Solidworks with other softwares.

Pre-requisites to learn SolidWorks VBA:

You should be familiar with Solidworks software & Visual Basic programming.

Whether learning Visual Basic is necessary for programming with SolidWorks VBA?

If you have not done any programming before then learning Visual Basic is recommended. It helps in developing the programming capabilities. It clarifies your basic programming concepts. It give knowledge about the building blocks of any program such as variables, decision making, loops, array, functions, file handling, error handling etc. Visual Basic can also be used for any other types of software development, which gives an added advantage.