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Online Training > Plastic Part Design


Courses offered:

       Plastic Part Design

The Plastic Part Design bundle contains courses that cover a variety of plastic part topics. The bundle includes courses on materials, part design, assembly design, and advanced molded parts.

Plastic Part Design Training Includes:

Thermoplastic Materials

Thermoplastic Materials are available in a wide variety and each type has characteristics that will be presented in a concise manner. This course provides the designer with an understanding of the basic properties and appropriate usages associated with each polymer type. Typical applications with products examples are also given for each material. Brief summaries of the common processing methods and photographs of common applications are presented.

Plastic Material Additives

Plastic Material Additives may be examined from many perspectives. The approach taken in this course program will examine them from a pragmatic perspective; the purpose for their use in plastics. They are broadly separated into the categories of processing aids, property modifiers and protective materials. These include antioxidants, flame-retardants, plasticizers and many others. The fillers and fibers used to modify thermoplastic materials are also examined.

Molded Part Design Concepts

Molded Part Design Concepts provides an outline of basic design factors and a brief comment about their significance to part function, cost, and reliability. Each of these factors is discussed, providing concise design guidelines and illustrated examples. Descriptions of pitfalls associated with common design errors demonstrate that part design is more involved than achieving the desired appearance and fitting to mating parts. To summarize the concepts, a list of the most critical concepts of part design is provided. The relationships between part design features and part performance in the field are also described.

Advanced Molded Part Design

Advanced Molded Part Design provides insight into the process of design with emphasis upon manufacturing, assembly, disassembly and eventual recycling. It also highlights and explains molded part tolerances. Practical design information is provided about insert and over molding, living hinges, plastic gears and plastic thread design.

Assembly Designs for Plastic Parts

Assembly Designs for Plastic Parts provides an insight into the various assembly methods commonly used in plastic product assembly and manufacturing. The properties of plastics such as flex modulus and creep that relate to assembly are explained. Methods of assembly are described, including mechanical fasteners, snap fits and ultrasonic assembly. Press fits, welding and bonding and their usage in plastics are also discussed.

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