Services > SolidWorks Customization

We use following technologies for SolidWorks Customization:

  • SolidWorks VBA
  • SolidWorks API

Broadly it consists of:

  • SolidWorks Customization using C++, VC++, Visual Basic, VB.Net & C#.Net
  • SolidWorks script & macro development
  • SolidWorks programming using C++, VC++, VB, VB.Net & C#.Net
  • Design table automation
  • SolidWorks automation to make CAD design and drafting faster
  • SolidWorks Addin Development
  • Property Manager Customization
  • Volume Calculation
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Automatic part model creation, Assembly Construction & Drawing generation.

SolidWorks Customization projects executed:

Utilities developed for solidWorks to perform following

  • To change custom properties
  • To change sheet metal radius & K-Factor
  • To automatically generate spare parts catalogue for assembly
  • To combine different pdf output files into single pdf file