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Course Overview

This course allows you to explore engine design fundamentals and learn what you can do to help during the machining process are the main topics. You also learn more about transmision, HVAC, and engine operations. Using real-world design problems presented by automotive manufacturers for case workers, you put into practice your newfound knowledge. This course is for design engineers with an engineering degree or equivalent experience. This will be useful for individuals who need to fill a knowledge gap between industry design knowledge and CAD application.

Course Contents:

  • Automotive Powertrain introduction
  • Design Principles
  • Design Modeling Techniques
  • Draft
  • Parting Line Development
  • Thin - Walled Bodies
  • Engine Fundamentals
  • Powertrain Fundamentals Introduction
  • Engine Fundamental Overview
  • Engine Parts
  • Engine Design Fundamentals
  • Piston Design
  • Transmission Fundamentals Introduction & Owerview
  • Transmission Parts and Operation Function
  • HVAC Fundamentals
  • Evaluating the Part, Evaluation Tools, Face Analysis - Slope
  • Motion and FEA Introduction & Owerview, Mechanism and Motion Specific Terminology

  • Motion Application Overview
  • Links and Markers
  • Joints, Couplers, and Constraints
  • Post Processing, Articulating the Mechanism
  • Finite Element Analysis, Strength of Materials
  • Structures Introduction
  • Meshing Requirements, Element Types, Element Size and Count
  • Model Preparation, Midsurface, Feature Creation and Editing in Structures
  • Load Conditions, Creating Loads, Fatigue Load Variation
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Mesh Creation, Automatic Meshing, Mesh Attributes
  • Quality Checks, Comprehensive, Element Shapes, Nodes, 2D Element Normals
  • Perform the Analysis, Nastran Solver Overview
  • Linear Statics Plus Analysis, Linear Static Axisymmetric Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis, Fatigue Analysis
  • Post Processor, Type, Animation, Crossmember Multiple Scenarios Project, Hard Copy