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Online Training > MSC SimOffice


Courses offered:

       MSC SimOffice

The MSC SimOffice bundle contains courses and assessments for basic FEA theory and SimOffice v2. The SimOffice courses offer basic and advanced instruction for using SimOffice to create and import geometry, conduct studies, analyze models, and view results.

MSC SimOffice Training Includes:

Basics of Finite Element Analysis

This video course is designed to introduce users to the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis. The purpose is to expose new design analysts to FEA terminology and concepts prior to beginning SimOffice training. MSC SimOffice software is used in this course to demonstrate some concepts. Expert designers can also use this course to brush up on their FEA knowledge. Key topics include: FEA, FEM, Finite Element Method, Newton, Law of Motion, stress, strain, Hooke's Law, Saint Venant's principle, Rayleigh Ritz, motion, energy, potential energy, degrees of freedom, boundary conditions, stiffness matrix, function, static, dynamics, and frequency.

SimOffice Essentials

This course is intended to teach new SimOffice users the basics of the program. You'll learn how to navigate through the SimOffice interface; how to import and create geometry; how to apply loads, constraints, properties, and mesh; and how to conduct an analysis. Key topics include: work patterns, workflow, SimOffice GUI, tabbed ribbon, model tree, modeling window, Quick Access toolbar, Home tab, Study tab, Geometry tab, Environment tab, Mesh tab, Simulate tab, View tab, Advanced tab, structural loads, structural constraints, thermal loads, thermal constraints, material properties, mesh, analysis, and results.

SimOffice Advanced

This course is intended to teach SimOffice users some of the more advanced functionality in the program. You'll learn how to integrate SimOffice with a handful of Microsoft Applications. You'll also discover some advanced modeling techniques you can use in SimOffice. Key topics include: Excel integration, macro, recording macros, visual basic, scripting, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, mesh seeds, mesh quality, laminates, and connectors.

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