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AutoCAD Customization
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AutoCAD Customization
CAD Customization
SolidWorks Customization


Training > AutoCAD Customization



       Overview of Customization

       Define Custom Commands

       Define External Commands

       Create Command Aliases

       Custom Linetypes

       Overview of Linetype Definitions

       Simple Custom Linetypes

       Text in Custom Linetypes

       Shapes in Custom Linetypes

       Custom Hatch Patterns

       Overview of Hatch Pattern Definitions



       Hatch Patterns with Dashed Lines

       Hatch Patterns with Multiple Lines

       Customize the User Interface

       Overview of Customize User Interface

       Overview of the Customize User Interface Editor

       Work with Customization Files

       Basics of Customization Files

       Create and Load a Partial CUI File

       Customize Commands

       Create, Edit, and Reuse Commands

       Find Command Names and Search Strings

       Control the Display of Command Labels

       Create Images for Commands

       Create Status Line Help Messages



       Create Macros

       Use Special Control Characters in Macros

       Pause for User Input in Macros

       Use Built-in Commands in Macros

       Use Single Object Selection Mode in Macros

       Use Conditional Expressions in Macros

       Customize Toolbars

       Create and Edit Toolbars

       Create Pull-Down and Shortcut Menus

       Create Submenus

       Swap and Insert Pull-Down Menus

       Customize Dashboard Panels

       Create and Edit Dashboard Panels

       Add or Switch Dashboard Controls

       Add Shortcut Keys and Temporary Override Keys

       Create a Double Click Action

       Customize Workspaces

       DIESEL : Customize the Status Line

       Overview of the MODEMACRO System Variable

       Set MODEMACRO Values

       DIESEL Expressions in Macros

       Slides and Command Scripts

       Create Slides

       Overview of Slides, View Slides

       Create and View Slide Libraries

       Create Command Scripts

       Run Scripts at Startup

       Run Slide Shows from Scripts

       Overview of Shape Files

       Create Shape Definition Files



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