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Training >> C# Programming



       Introduction to C# programming

       An introduction to Visual Studio .NET

       How to design a Windows Forms application

       How to code and test a Windows Forms application

       The C# language essentials

       How to work with numeric and string data

       How to code control structures

       How to code methods and event handlers

       How to handle exceptions and validate data

       How to use arrays and collections

       How to work with dates and strings

       How to debug an application

       Object-oriented programming with C#

       How to create and use classes



       How to work with inheritance

       How to work with interfaces, structures and class libraries

       Database programming with C#

       An introduction to database programming

       How to develop a simple database application

       How to work with datasets using bound controls

       How to work with datasets using unbound controls

       How to work with ADO.NET classes through code


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